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Cornish seascapes 

When I was teaching, I used to make the most of every spare minute. I would grab my phone, call the dog, put him in the car and drive to the cliffs to walk, where I would snap the incredible beauty of the scene that lay before me. Or, I would just as likely decide in the spur of the moment, to squeeze in a cycle ride twenty minutes away to the north coast cliffs. Chapel Porth, Porthtowan, Portreath: all stunning in their twilight glory (it was usually at the end of the day when I would get all my school work done and reward myself with my favourite past time, always rushing before I lost the light). This sense of urgency is reflected in my paintings and quite rightly so, as they reflect that part of my life; a crazy, non- stop whirlwind of days filled with an exhilarating, exhausting job and the overwhelming desire to paint, paint, paint. Presently, I enjoy the luxury of  taking my sketch pad with me.

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