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At what point does a seascape become a landscape or vice versa? I often ask my self this. In Cornwall, they are both often integral but sometimes, if we can draw ourselves away from the coast, we discover that rawness of the Cornish countryside. The one where we can smell and feel the damp mizzle so often present in all seasons, that makes this land so lusciously green and fills the hedgerows with wild flowers. The one where the footpaths are so sodden we give up trying to walk around the bogs of dark, almost black soil, but walk right through it with the thrill that comes with childish abandonment. The one of course, which gives us our golden fields and grazing cows and the cool, cool shade offered by our woodlands on a hot glorious, summer’s day.

To capture these precious moments in paint, is what I set out to do, but often without realising it; it just happens.

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