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Eden Series


When I started painting , I was obsessed with developing a style. I could not see it; it was not happening. But then I had my first solo exhibition and there it was…. my style. It is like a signature, it just appears one day. So I was incredibly surprised after painting for thirteen years to develop a second style. It happened quite out of the blue; I had been involved with the  ‘Deep roots, new shoots’ project at the Eden Project.  I wasn’t quite sure why I had volunteered as I had promised myself not to get committed to anything in the first year of my retirement. Well it turned out that it was all ‘meant to be’,  as I found that it had had a profound effect on me. It was as though the wonderment of ‘Eden’ had become part of me. During that time, I remember looking at my canvas thinking ‘I want to do something completely different’. So I just went for it and thus The Eden Series was born.

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